2019 Roy R. Morley Classic


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The Roy R. Morley Foundation

Special Message

Peter Morley, Founder & Director
Roy R. Morley Foundation

My name is Peter Morley and my father Roy lost his legs about 3 years ago. During this time Roy underwent multiple surgeries. It is difficult to explain the hardships a situation like this creates. It has been an uphill battle to try and supplement the costs that insurance simply does not cover. After countless attempts to find financial aid, charitable organizations, and the like we were left disappointed with the help that is out there.

With that said, we have decided to start a foundation to help those who have come across difficult situations due to unfortunate physical and/or medical problems. Because Roy was such an avid golfer it was decided that a Pro-Am golf event is a great first step in getting the Roy R. Morley Foundation started, our hope is to make this an annual event. We are also excited to grow the foundation to a not-for-profit organization with a variety of fundraisers for years to come.

Our primary goal is to raise money that will help those who need assistance with things like; prosthetics, prescription drugs, hospital bills, transportation/mobility issues, shower/bathroom area renovations. Bathroom renovations were a difficult thing to overcome as you can imagine, especially when we were not sure what would work best for Roy's needs. After much trial and error, we constructed a platform so Roy could slide from his wheel chair directly into the shower. Now, Roy can shower himself which may seem small but is an amazing thing for a bi lateral amputee.

Again, our goal is to help those who have run into the same financial burdens caused by their ailments that we have. After searching for all sorts of aid to help we discovered it is not as easy as it seems to fill in the gaps. This is why we are asking for your support now. There are real people in need every day and as we have found it not always easy to find the solutions to help make a difficult situation more livable.

Thank for taking the time to read our story and any assistance you can offer will be greatly appreciated in supporting the Roy R. Morley Foundation.

“Because there are real people in need of real help, we created the Roy R. Morley foundation to enable assistance through donations and support from friends like you.”
You Can Help - Donate Today

You Can Help - Donate Today

Help Remove Obstacles for Amputees like Roy

The Roy R. Morley Foundation helps those who have encountered difficult situations due to unfortunate physical and/or medical problems.

Others in similar circumstances (such as military) have organizations which provide assistance in obtaining special medical, rehabilitation, and other services.

After searching existing channels for aid, we discovered that it is not easy to supplement the limited support provided today -- and we want to help.

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